Finding a vehicle on a sake cup is a rare treat. Although these
were almost always stamped patterns (not hand-painted), they
are still scarce. Among vehicle cups, trucks are the most
common pattern.

Wheeled artillery vehicles are also found here and there, but
tanks are incredibly scarce, probably because the IJA didn't use
tanks very much.

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Armored car,possibly the Vickers Crossley Type 87
purchased from the U. K. and modified.
Inscribed 'Manchurian Dispatch, Terakura
Regiment, Victorious Return Commemorative'.
Inscribed 'Manchuria Hasegawa Unit, Victorious
Return Commemorative, Koyanagi'.
Inscribed 'Kwantung Army, Army Vehicle Unit, Victorious Return
Commemorative, Tsujimoto'.
Inscribed 'West 24th Vehicle Unit, Hoshida'.
Very rare vehicle cup with a partial map of China. Cities labeled
include Nanking, Shanghai, Tsingtao, and Peking (Beijing).

Inscribed 'Victorious Return Commemorative'.
Inscribed 'Army Vehicle Academy, Graduation
Rare Army vehicle cup. It looks like an armored car.
Inscribed 'Cavalry Brigade, Medicine Transport Vehicle Unit,
Victorious Return Commemorative, Furuyama'.  The phrase
I have translated as 'Medicine Transport.'
A four-door Type 95 4 x 4 scout car, produced under the name
KUROGANE. There were a lot of variations in these cars,
two-door, pickup truck types, etc.
Inscribed '7th Field Artillery, Commemorative.'
Inscribed 'Manchuria Dispatch, Terakura Unit, Victorious Return
Commemorative, Nishimura.'