Artillery shell shaped bottle and matching cup, fairly scarce.
The sake cup has a Golden Kite base.
Inscribed '
A Soldier Must be Loyal, 40th Infantry, Victorious
Return Commemorative.'

NOTE: The bottle and cup appear to be white in the photos,
but they are actually a soft blue.
Tokkuri page 5
The cities (places) aren't named, though. Obvious ones (by location) in China are Shanghai,
Peking, Nanking, Hong Kong. In Manchuria: Port Arthur. There are a few others, too.

There are also some larger gold painted circles in Seoul, Shimonoseki, and Tokyo.

Inscribed 'China Incident, Victorious Return Commemorative.'
Underglaze blue design.
Inscribed 'Discharge Commemorative, Fukuoka 9th Company.'
I've never heard of a 9th Company from Fukuoka, so this may be a
SDF bottle or perhaps a police bottle.
Beautiful tokkuri with a raised Imperial Guard insignia painted gold. The gold paint
here is fresh and bright, which is uncommon. Below are Imperial paulonia leaves.

Inscribed '1st Imperial Guard, Discharge Commemorative.'