Superb tank sake cup try with Academy Double Star
at the top. Labeled 'Army Academy Tank Regiment.'
The characters read 'Stationed in Manchuria
Commemorative, Kwantung Army [Kanto-gun],
Tank Unit 3rd Division.'
The IJA had few tanks and had little interest in using
them. So Tank Unit items are rather hard to find. The
basic pattern is of course a tank. In fact I have never
seen a cup or other commemorative item labeled 'Tank
Unit' without a tank somewhere in the pattern.
The characters read 'Tank Unit 1st Regiment.'
Tank Unit
Although not explicitly labeled a tank unit,
painted tanks isolated like this one almost
always are on tank unit items.  

Inscribed 'China Incident, Victorious Return
Commemorative, Sato'.
Hand-painted Army tank, very rare. This cup is inscribed to a specific
tank unit, which is also a rarity.

Inscribed '3rd Founding Anniversary Commemorative, 1st Tank Unit'.

I am not sure when this tank unit was founded, but since the tanks first
started being used around 1927, I guess this cup can be dated to the
early 1930s. If one can find out about the 1st Tank Unit, the dating can
be more precise.
This one is inscribed with the place name as well, which is quite rare for a
Tank Unit cup.

The design has a Red Cross above a tank, and to the right are pine trees.

Inscribed 'Narashino Tank Unit, Discharge Commemorative, Kitabayashi'.

Narashino is in Chiba Prefecture, and it is the site of the first Tank Academy
in Japan. The Narashino Unit was also designated the 2nd Tank Unit.
Inscribed 'Youngsan 78th, Tank Unit.