A wonderful individual soldier photo cup. A member of the 2nd regiment of the
Imperial Guard. He wears the collar tabs that were in use up to 1938. His name is
Yamamoto, written on the base.

Photo cups of soldiers like this one were expensive to produce so there were few
made. The family must have been wealthy. I don't think this would have been
issued by the regiment as many other cups were. Privately commissioned.
A politically incorrect picture of a Japanese
soldier abusing a Chinese man. This image
appears on a small plate.
Stunning hand-painted cup that appears to be from the
first Sino-Japan War (1894-5). The characters say
'Banzai, Great Victory.' From Curt's collection--thanks so
much for this picture!
Another individual soldier photo cup. The kanji here
read 'Overseas Voyage Commemorative.' He wears
the collar tabs that were in use up to 1938.
Thanks to Steve for this fine picture.
More Soldier cups
An early example of a stamped pattern, probably from the
Russo-Japan War of 1904-5.
This soldier was a member of the Imperial Guard cavalry.  The characters
read 'Imperial Guard Cavalry Commemorative, Ueno.' To the upper right is the
IG insignia, and below the photo is the IG flag.
'Korean Defense'
'Cavalry 3rd Regiment'
'Field Artillery 9th Regiment'
'Conquer Russia Commemorative'
Inscribed 'Regimental Flag Festival Commemorative, Kutani Fukue'. Kutani is the
kiln and Fukue is the artist.
Note that this cup has been entirely hand-painted, which is just absolutely

The detail is splendid and the colors are still bright. Above the warrior are cherry
blossoms, and a few have fallen to the ground. Stunning work, rarely seen.