Display of Military Prowess Association
Urushi (lacquered wood) cup with large gold gilt cherry
blossom in the center. Inscribed 'Meiji 37-8 [1904-5] Years
War Victory Commemorative, [???]
Shinpu (Display of
Military Prowess) Association'.
Urushi (lacquered wood) cup with unknown kanji in the center.
(perhaps 'Loyalty'?) Inscribed on the reverse 'Meiji 37-8 [1904-5]
Years War Commemorative,
Shinpu (Display of Military Prowess)
I couldn't find much information on this group yet. However, it
appears to be similar to the
Butokukai, a militant martial arts
association. Before and during the war, these groups actively
promoted martial service through the martial arts. They appear to
have been extreme right-wing, but now have been reduced to simple
martial-arts-as-sports groups.

Shinpu-kai exists today; in fact, there are many branches
throughout Japan. I am not sure if they are directly related to the
wartime group(s) or not.

Note that
shinpu (display of military prowess) was also used on
large military maneuvers commemorative cups. these do not seem
to have any connection with the

There seems to have been a large number of these militant groups
in pre-war Japan. Anyone know of resources about these?
Shin-pu kai.
(The literal meaning is
Shaking Warrior
Shin-pu kai in
classical-style kanji
Two variations of Shinpu (Display of Military Prowess). This phrase also
often occurs on the cups commemorating large military training
exercises, held often during the 1910s and 20s.
Gold gilt Rising Sun badge.  Inscribed on the reverse 'Gift to Inaba
[?] from the Tokiwa Village Shinpu [Display of Military Prowess]