Scarce Army tokkuri from WW1,
specifically the Shantung Peninsula.  
Inscribed 'The Glory of the Country,
Commemorative, Shantung
Metal Army cup. Inscribed 'Shantung Dispatch
Commemorative 45th Infantry, 2nd Division, Showa
3 [1928]'. The late date shows that troops stayed in
Shantung long after WW1.
Shantung Peninsula
The Japanese Army was dispatched to Shantung to battle the Germans who
were stationed there. The troops arrived in August 1914. Battles mainly
occurred at the Tsingtao Fortress and the Shantung Railroad. The Imperial
Navy also cooperated with an international group of ships in this area, but I
have yet to see a Navy cup labeled 'Shantung' or Japan/Germany War.

Cups from this conflict are labeled in a few different ways:
Shantung, Tsingtao
(a city on the Shantung Peninsula),
Japan-German War, and Departure for
. Of course, the Japanese never went to Germany, but they went to an
German-occupied territory and so they labeled some cups in this way.
Shantung Mobilization
Shantung Mobilization
Departure for Germany
Departure for Germany
Japan/Germany [war]
Some examples of cups and other items
Tsingtao Defense
Inscribed 'Departure to Germany,
Victorious Return Commemorative,
Heavy Artillery 4th Regiment'.  
Marked '68th Infantry, Shantung Dispatch.'
Scarce WW1 Japan / Germany conflict cup. Inscribed
'Expedition to Germany Commemorative, Mito'.
Inscribed 'Tsingtao Defense