Original packages 2
Although not military, the case to the left is
a superb example of a tokkuri and cup set.
The matching cup is in a compartment at
the top. This is a high-quality, Edo period
item, but the cheaper boxes made in the
1920s and 1930s had the same design.
They were made of thin cardboard and
were probably meant to be thrown away
after the customer came home with his
new tokkuri and cup.

To the right is a cheap, thin cardboard box.
This was meant to be discarded, not for
storing the item.
Here are some assorted cardboard tokkuri
boxes. These do not have the compartment
for the matching sake cup. Note how thin
they are. Obviously not for permanent
A rare two-bottle paulonia wood box.
Matching cups are included in the photo,
but there is no compartment for them, so
either there was a separate box or the box
does not belong to the bottles.
Here is a rare rice paper wrapping. It
is the only one I have ever seen, no
doubt because of its fragility. This one
is specifically military, as the bottom
phrase reads 'Shanghai, Victorious
Return Commemorative.' The lid not
only has some inscriptions on the top
(including KUTANI YAKI, which is also
on the rice paper), but the maker's
sticker is underneath.

1930s era.
Scarce two-tokkuri, two-cup cardboard box.
Very rare box for two cups and one tokkuri.
More sake cup box examples