More Kutani items
I wrote about this cup on my blog. CLICK HERE to see it.
A fantastic and rare hand-painted cup from the Kutani kiln. Marked 'Kutani, Seika'
which is the mark of the famous Kutani artist Suda Seika. He died in 1927.

The design is fabulous and well-rendered. To the left is part of an Imperial
Rescript, probably concerning the
soldier virtues.
Inscribed on the reverse 'Meiji 37-8 [1904-5} War Service Commemorative.'
A complete set of the Five Virtues of a Soldier. Each cup has a separate
virtue in the form of a sentence: 'A soldier must be -----.'
Also inscribed on each '25th Infantry, Ino.'
Kutani kiln gold wash cups with red inscription.