Japanese Secret Police
KEM-PEI Read top to bottom
Items from the Kempeitai, or Secret Police, are difficult
to find. The insignia is a Rising Sun badge, which is still
used by the modern Japanese police force. However,
this insignia was also used as a general symbol of
Japan (and is the main shape of one of the main
awards), so just the presence of a Police-style badge
does not mean that the cup is from the military police.

One must be able to read the kanji to figure out the
origins of the cup.
Kempei armband (replica).
Kempei collar badges.
Kempei tokkuri. I have only seen one of
these. Inscribed 'Kempei, Corporal
Kempei Academy Graduation Commemorative.
Extremely rare TOKUKEM (Moral Police)
24th Infantry.
Rare Police cup set dated March 1941.
I believe that even the local police were
run by the military, at least in spirit. From
the Kitamata Police Department, given for
Long Service.
Rare naval Kempei-tai sake cup.  Inscribed
'Retirement Commemorative, Kempei Special
Duty Sergeant-Major Nakagami'. In addition, a
kamon (family crest) is above the flags. Looks
like a
tomoe crest.
Kempei Special Duty
Moral Police
The placard reads 'Ueno Kempei Unit'.

Inscribed in the bowl 'Retirement Commemorative'. On the
reverse is written 'Kempei, Captain Ohata Soichi, Showa 7 [1932]
Army Kempei Academy

The inscription on the cup reads 'Yokohama Kempei-tai', Showa 14 [1939], Kempei
Commemorative Day.'

The box is inscribed '59th Annual, Kempei Foundation Commemorative Day, Showa 14
[1939] May 9th, One Wood Sake Cup.'