Rare pattern of the IJN anchor along with a battle flag, within which
is the Japanese national flag. The characters read 'Navy, Battle of
Tsushima Commemorative, Unveiling of a Monument [?].'  On the
reverse is the maker's stamp: 'Hakata, Kawabata, Arita-ya'.
Nice Machine Gun Unit cup. Above is a blue, fukizumi (blown ink)
pattern. The characters read 'Fukuoka Infantry Machine Gun Unit,
Discharge Commemorative, Kuroishi.' In the base: 'Hakata,
Arita-yaki, Kawabata.'
Fukuoka 24th Regiment
'Fukuoka Infantry 24th Regiment, Discharge Commemorative'
Meiji 19 [1886] August 17th: West Army 12th Division (12th Brigade)
from Fukuoka, Kurume, Fukuoka
Meiji era: Both 1st Sino & Russia
Taisho era: Siberia Dispatch
Showa 7 [1932] First Shanghai Incident
Showa 11 [1936] April: HQ West of Khanka Lake (border of NE China
and Russia)
Lishu (Jirin province) & Suifenhe River, Heilongjiang Province
Guiyang Xuan (China)
Showa 19 [1944] Nov.:  Hsinchu City (N. Taiwan)


End of War: N. Taiwan Hsinchu City 8/20/1945
Inscribed 'Fukuoka 24th Infantry, Discharge
Commemorative, Morita'. On the reverse is a stamp in red:
'Hakata, Made by Arita Shop'. Hakata is a famous port town
in Fukuoka.
Inscribed 'Fukuoka 24th Infantry, Light Machine
Gun Unit, Commemorative, Fuchigami'. The two
large kanji in the center read 'Sincerity', one of
the five
Soldier Virtues.
Inscribed 'Fukuoka, 24th Infantry, Aoki'.