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    In late December 2012, the company successfully bid for Shanghai Construction Engineering Enterprise Integrity Manual, which means that the company can contract with the company in Shanghai to adapt to the qualifications of the project, and the need for the record. It is understood that the role of handling the integrity of the manual is as follows:

     1. In Shanghai, construction enterprises to undertake business, the employer should produce to the "integrity of the manual."

     2. Construction enterprises in Shanghai to the integrity of the assessment agencies to produce "integrity manual."

     3. "Handbook of integrity" is the construction administrative departments at all levels of enterprise classification management, qualification upgrades or added one of the bases, but also the city or district and county construction administrative departments of the enterprise to make the relevant administrative penalties based on the reference.

         Integrity of the manual is the company in Shanghai contract entry threshold, the cornerstone of the company will uphold fairness, justice, openness, good faith and other principles, does not provide false information, determined not to do illegal things, and strive to maintain good integrity manual.

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