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   The company passed the product type test and the initial factory inspection, the China Quality Certification Center certification, September 26, 2012, smooth access to drum grille decontamination machine China Environmental Protection Product Certification. The certification of the company's products are recognized milestone.

     It is reported that access to CQC product certification, plus CQC product certification mark, it means that the product certification by the national certification body as safe, in line with national quality standards of response, which will undoubtedly increase the value of the product, enhance consumer and Demand-side confidence in the product, improve the image of enterprises, contribute to product sales, to bring greater economic benefits. Second, CQC product certification will help the company's exports, improve the company's products in the international status and image, and further enhance their competitiveness. Furthermore, CQC product certification for enterprises to adapt to international trade rules of the game for the enterprise's products in the international market fair, free competition to create the conditions.


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