In addition to inscriptions, which often detail things such as unit numbers, soldier's name,
place names, etc., there are also kanji that function as part of the design. On this page I'll
introduce you to the most basic Design Kanji and translate them for you.

See also my
Soldier's Virtues page for more kanji designs.
A few examples of the ubiquitous GLORY OF THE COUNTRY phrase. This
seems to have been popular in the 1920s-30s.
Two examples of the common LOYALTY & BRAVERY phrase.
The kanji for ENGINEER used as decoration.
The base has two kanji that
mean 'The Glory of the Country.'
Two variations of SHINPU (Display of Military Prowess). This phrase most
often occurs on the cups commemorating large military training
exercises, held often during the 1910s and 20s.
Russo-Japan War cup.  Inscribed
'Victorious Return [in blue],
Japan/Russia Commemorative,
Matsujima, Kodo.'
The kanji WAR VICTORY in gold gilt.
Lacquered wood cup with gold gilt Army star and
classical-style kanji that say 'Commemorative'.
Excellent and uncommon pair of cups with two large kanji that, when placed side
by side, read 'Victorious Return'.
Also inscribed 'Conquer Russia Commemorative, Kasahara Shigetoro
[an honorific phrase]'.