Interesting Daitoa urushi (lacquered wood) sake cup set from Kansai University,
dated 1943. The pattern in the bowl has two stylized kanji that read 'University

Inscribed on the reverse of the largest cup is this: 'Great East Asia War, Sending
Students to the Front Commemorative, Imperial Year 2603 [1943], Kansai University
Horseback Riding Club.' In the base is a horseshoe and 'Kwansai', a misspelling of

On the inside lid of the box, this is written: 'Showa 18 [1943] November, Sending
Students to the Front Commemorative, Kansai University Horseback Riding Club.'
(or, literally, the Great East Asia War) page 2
Scarce Daitoa tokkuri. The bottle has embossed
bamboo leaves, somewhat uncommon. Painted
battle flag and blossoms. Inscribed 'Great East Asia
War Commemorative'.
Gold gilt IJN anchor & blossom.  Inscribed on the reverse
'Great East Asia War, Going to the Front Commemorative,
Kure Naval Yard Defense'. It is very hard to find Navy items
from this period. And lacquered wood items are fairly rare,
Large urushi sake cup with gold gilt Golden Kite badge, awarded for distinguished military
Inscribed on the reverse: 'Great East Asia War, Departure to the Front Commemorative, Ebisu
Village, 3rd District, Southern Town Group.' There is an Ebisu in Osaka, but there might be
more around the country as well.
Lacquered wood cup with the Imperial kiri crest and a civilian railroad badge
above. Rare Pacific War-era cup.
Inscribed 'Great East Asia war [
Daitoa Sensou] Departing Soldier
Commemorative, National Railroad Defense Association'.
Lacquered wood cup. No design (except for a silver rim) but the
inscription is interesting: '
Great East Asia War Departing Troops
Commemorative, Large Ship Commanding Officer.'
Inscribed 'Great East Asia War Commemorative.'